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launch your career in software development

Integrify Academy offers Full Stack Development training to talent based in Finland that want to boost their technology skills to the next level. Join us to upgrade your tech stack and build real-life solutions for tech companies in agile teams. After the program, we connect you with work opportunities in the field.

why join our
full stack program?

MASTER the most in-demand technologies and become a professional Full Stack developer in just 5 months

LEARN best practices and master agile development methodologies through hands-on training by experienced developers

LAND your dream job with the help of our team in one of our partner companies or in your local tech community

WORK on challenging and engaging real-life projects led by industry experts

MEET the job market requirements with our intensive and pragmatic online training program designed for you to accelerate your career

STRENGTHEN your collaboration and teamwork skills in a real-life setting

get hired by top companies

Our graduates are hired by leading companies in Finland from large corporations and top IT-consultancies to fast-growing startups. Some of our graduates have even taken the entrepreneurial path and started their own companies!

We ensure that you have the right tech-skills to build a successful career. Below you’ll find some of the companies where our graduates are currently working.

upcoming programs

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Full Stack academy

STARTING DATE: October 4th


Start your career in tech with our help! We publish new programs monthly and review applications on a rolling basis, so go ahead and apply now even if the next program doesn't fit your schedule.

what we offer

Integrify Academy offers world-class software development training with only one goal in mind - getting you hired.

Instead of grinding random online or university courses, our structured curriculum ensures you focus on essential skills and technologies to land a job that corresponds your technical skills.


The comprehensive 5-month program is designed by industry veterans and focuses on the most modern technologies such as JavaScript, React.js, TypeScript, Node.js & AWS to name a few. After the program you will be ready to work as a software developer.

what you'll learn

checkmarkFrontend Development (3 weeks)

checkmarkBackend Development (4 weeks)

checkmarkDevOps (3 weeks)

checkmarkCloud (4 weeks)

checkmarkSoftware Architecture (2 weeks)

checkmarkPragmatic project work is included in each module

what is included:

checkmarkLive lectures


checkmarkCode review

checkmarkInterview coaching

checkmarkJob opportunities

checkmarkPeer learning

checkmarkAccess to our pool of like-minded developers


Integrify Academy is collaborating with AWS re/Start to bring the latest cloud computing training to our students as part of Integrify’s Full Stack Program.

AWS re/Start is a program focused on accelerating learning through real-world scenarios, labs, and coursework. The AWS re/Start program covers all the essential skills that Integrify Academy students need for an entry-level cloud developer role. During the program, students will acquire cloud computing skills and prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification with access to well-curated assignments and full exams. At the end of the program, students will complete an official certification exam. On top of the certificate, Integrify Full Stack Academy students will continue to have access to AWS Associate Level practicing materials.

hear it from our alumni


Web Software Developer

Integrify cut my employability timeline in half and at the same time introduced me to the world of tech. The process of changing careers can be overwhelming and led me down many stray paths but once I was a part of Integrify's program, I was able to remain intensely focused and at the same time start to experience what it would be like to work in my field.

admission process


Fill the application form. We always appreciate candidates who can convince us on their motivation and drive to become a software developer. In case you have experience in software development, we highly recommend you to submit your GitHub profile/portfolio, so we will get a better understanding of your technical skills.


Within a couple of days, our team will review each application and invite the most promising candidates for the first round of discussions. During this discussion we would love to hear more about you; who you are and why you want to have a career as software developer. We're also happy answer any questions you might have. Pro tip: showing good attitude and drive will go a long way!


The second discussion will be held by one of our full stack teachers. This one will focus on your current technical know-how, or if you're new in tech, your capabilities in learning new skills. If you have some development projects under your belt, would be great to hear more about them!

Integrify academy
is for you

The Integrify Full Stack Academy is for anyone who wants to start their career in tech.


Join the Integrify Academy and upgrade your programming skills or learn new technologies that can give you an edge in the job market.

university graduates

Integrify Academy prepares you for real work-life. Gain practical hands-on experience and learn the best practices from industry experts.

career changers

Get the skills and support to start a new career in tech or add programming to your existing CV.

you might also have some of these skills in store:

soft skills:

  • MOTIVATIVATED AND DRIVEN: You are enthusiastic about software development and eager to become a professional developer.

  • READY TO PUT HANDS IN THE MUD: You are committed to do the hard work it takes to elevate your career in 5 months.

  • FLEXIBLE: You are able to participate in the program every weekday from 9

  • FLUENT COMMUNICATOR: You have good communication skills and you are fluent in English.

technical skills:

  • SOME KNOWLEDGE IN CODING: Education or know-how in coding via online courses or school.

  • SKILLS IN SOME CODING LANGUAGE: Experience with frontend technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, and Redux (no need to worry if you do not have any experience at these specific areas, any other technology apply as well!).

  • EXPERIENCE FROM A PROJECT: Perhaps you have gained some experience in one or more development projects.