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Integrify Academy Alumni Stories: Minh, Full Stack Consultant

My name is Minh and I’m originally from Vietnam. I lived in a big city and that made me a very active and energetic person. I love stepping over my comfort zone and exploring any new opportunities that have the possibility to provide me a better future.

I came to Finland in 2017 for a Bachelors’s Degree in Business Information Technology at LAB UAS and I graduated in October 2020. For the longest time, I was self-studying to become a frontend developer. When I was looking for options to turbo-charge my studies and explore my maximum potential, I found Integrify Academy. The Full Stack Academy is a real-life miracle that made my dreams come true and helped me to start my career in this field.

How would you describe your time at Integrify Academy?

I feel very lucky to have been part of the Full Stack Academy. The curriculum was made by Integrify’s wonderful CTO to cover modern technologies and programming languages. However, I did not only improve my technical skills, I also learned a lot about teamwork and how to be a good developer in different situations.

The real-file project we worked with taught me how to apply scrum to manage a project. In addition, I learned about the professional workflow as well as about the best practices of writing code that only experienced developers can share with you. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have grown and learned thanks to the practical experiences from the instructors.

Picture of Minh

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your training?

In the beginning, I was worried about managing time to cover all the topics and time needed to acquire a deeper knowledge of them. However, we were paired with our peers and we learned to tackle the challenges together and we would review the lessons together. I was also doing the material/knowledge revision at the end of the program with my friend and we would be learning a lot of new things from each other. You don’t have this kind of awesome environment anywhere when you are self-studying but Integrify will provide you with that. There are always people ready to support you with any problems and questions with whole-hearted answers from the instructors, rest of the technical team, and the staff of Integrify.

I also figured out how to get through these different kinds of challenges. Don’t ever be afraid of wasting your time by doing the assignments and be lazy when you think the assignment is easy. As the CTO told us, you will learn more and understand everything better when you get your hands dirty by playing with the code. There will always be different problems that you need to figure out how to fix by investigating the problem yourself or asking your peers. Once you get it solved, you will never forget that problem. That’s called experience!

If you can only name one thing, what was the absolute best thing about Integrify Academy?

The professional workflow, best practices in writing code, and the guidance of the right path to becoming a full-stack developer

After Integrify Academy, what have you been up to?

I’m now working as a consultant for Integrify Consulting. For example, I worked on two React Native client projects. In the first one we built a mobile app for travelers and in the second one a recruitment app for a staffing company. At the moment I’m working as a backend developer in our client’s team. The company is an EdTech company that applies immersive technology such as AR, VR, 360-photo, and 3D printing. My main responsibilities are working with various tasks ranging from improving monitoring, observability, and infrastructure as code to support the development team in offloading photo and video to Azure Blob Storage, implementing multi-region support, and enhancing the existing services. This is an amazing opportunity for me to work with different technologies like C#, .Net Core, Identity Server, Entity Framework, MVC framework, Azure, Azure Resource Manager Template, Azure DevOps CI/CD, Terraform.

For all those developers that are starting their careers, what advice would you give them?

Technologies keep developing so you need to stay up to date. Never stop learning and experiencing different technologies to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Nothing is useless during your learning process because you will never know if one day it will help you to be successful in your career. Not only technical skills are required to be a good developer, but also the attitude towards the things that you are learning. Show the recruiters the right attitude, the passion and eagerness that you want to learn new things, and your potential in growing when having a chance to experience.

Minh Graduation Party

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