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People Behind Integrify: Sollie

“People Behind Integrify” is the blog series that takes you behind the scenes of Integrify. You’ll get to know the talented, warm-hearted, and hard-working members of our team who turn Integrify’s mission into a reality. For the next story of our series, we featured Sollie, our HR Associate, to tell you about her passion for the recruitment job as well as her eternal love for music and fried chicken. Thumbnail People Behind Integrify Sollie

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do at Integrify?

My work at Integrify is something that I am proud of, and so I frequently talk to my friends about it. I started my great journey with Integrify in June 2019.

I normally begin my morning by first getting myself ready for the day and carrying on my calendar. Next, I go through my email and Slack to update open requisitions and prioritize essential tasks of the day. Then, I take time to go through all the resumes from our job postings and follow up with all the prospective candidates. The rest of my day includes scheduling and interviewing candidates, collaborating with teams, updating our database, and sourcing by utilizing candidate sourcing methods like LinkedIn search, job boards, online communities, and social groups.

2. What inspires you in this role?

The best part of being a recruiter at Integrify is that I have great opportunities to interact with people, listen to their stories, help them find the right position, and watch them thrive in it.

I entered this field of recruiting because I simply want to change people’s lives. As a recruiter, I am the face of my company. My managers are happy to have my assistance when it comes to recruiting talents, especially when I have candidates thanking me for helping them. So I realized I was doing a job where I got to help the people that were in the same situation as I had been before I landed this job. It’s exciting how I could contribute even if just a little so that someone out there would find their path, just like I eventually did.

3. What gets you up in the morning?

Being appreciated for tackling my job and opportunities to grow motivates me to get out of my bed every morning. I always give my all to every task I do. I love to beat my records, so being able to get up, challenge myself, and see the rewards of succeeding is extremely pleasant.

4. What do you do to recharge your batteries?

One of the few things that'll bring a genuine smile to your face after a long, weary day is comfort food. My colleagues at Integrify all know my saying, “Chitir chicken definitely charges your batteries”. I love tasty fried chicken and truly miss the amazing feeling when I pick up this dish, break it apart slightly and hear the cracking sound of the perfectly fried skin. Sadly, due to the Covid-19 situation, I could not, together with my beloved friends, visit that fried chicken restaurant.

In addition to comfort food, I’ve been practicing with my band for over a year now. We like to try new concepts to practice our skills, and we just feel so much comfortable, creative, and relaxed when practicing together.

5. What are your tips for anybody applying to Integrify Academy and preparing for an interview with you?

There is a saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. So your application is the most important business card of yourself; especially when it comes to your CV, you should accurately reflect your achievements, make it concise and structural, and format it correctly. I am pretty sure you do not want to have someone joining the team who does not know how to capitalize the first letter of your first and last name.

And in the interviews, we want to see if the candidate can handle the job, have the willingness to take challenges, fit into the environment, and have clear goals of what they want to become. Besides, we want to know why the position got your interest.

P.S. Sollie and the Integrify Academy are seeking international talents who live in Finland to join our Full Stack Program that starts on May 24th, 2021. Apply here!