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People Behind Integrify: Ana, Consultant

“People Behind Integrify” is the blog series that takes you behind the scenes of Integrify. For the next episode, you'll get to know Ana, the amazing software developer and consultant who is not only contributing value to our client projects but also proactively utilizing her skills to develop many useful tools. Out of working hours, Ana loves reading, playing games, and watching anime series. Card Cover Ana's Story

Hey Ana! You’ve been working as a consultant at Integify for a few months now, how has it been?

It’s been good and quite challenging. I’ve been having the opportunity to work on a project in a fairly independent manner with a good coworker. We’re both in the process of fully familiarizing ourselves with the technologies required for this project. From getting the development environment set up to every fix or feature implementation that comes up, it’s been a very fulfilling learning experience, particularly when it comes to cloud technologies.

What made you choose a career in software development?

I made that decision when I had to figure out what to pick for college in high school. I had a lot of things I enjoyed learning about, and other than literature there wasn’t a single subject in school that I didn’t find very interesting. However, once I changed the question from a “what do you like?” to “what can you see yourself doing?” and started thinking not about the things I would be learning but about how my daily life would turn out, I realized that I couldn’t see myself away from a computer screen. I loved the idea of being involved in creating tools useful to others and myself, so it was suddenly the only option I could imagine.

What are your favorite technologies to work with? Why?

I enjoy working with just about anything, but the backend side of things is more my speed. I have some focus/multitasking issues so the need to look back and forth at visual changes and change things accordingly, to have to look at a design document all the time, or even simply to change modes between focusing on logic and visual components is somewhat overwhelming to me. Being able to focus purely on the code after wrapping your head around the requirements is comparatively more relaxing and enjoyable to me.

I don’t have any particular preferences when it comes to programming languages. Both interpreted and compiled languages are fine. I can’t even say I have any favorites, although Javascript and C# are the ones with which I’m most comfortable. Lately, I’ve enjoyed working with container technologies and with AWS, which are rather new to me.

This field is always evolving, how do you stay up to date with all the newest technologies and trends?

There’s a Chrome extension called that shows a (potentially personalized) feed of tech articles and news. While it gets hilarious to start a new day and see the hundredth “things you might know about ES6” article that contains the same 7 items as every other you’ve come across in the last two years, there are always quite a few titles that call my attention. I like reading them every day as a part of my routine.

What do you do when you are not coding? Do you have any side projects?

My only other hobbies are reading, playing games, and watching anime series. I started studying Japanese at the start of 2014. While I’m no longer actively studying it, I make sure to read every day in order not to lose my proficiency in the language. I have quite a few side projects on the coding front, and like many people, they end up being easily forgotten for a long time. I’ve recently almost finished working on a Chrome extension that tracks your likes on Twitter to then allow you to download the pictures in bulk. It also adds a button to distribute any picture to separate “buckets” that you can download as zips, both on Twitter and a couple of other image websites.

I have a self-hosted Discord bot that’s quite messy, to be honest. I wrote it 4 years ago but just kept adding stuff on top of it without ever refactoring the code. However, the good thing is that it has all the functionalities I need on my personal server. I also end up making calculators and such for games I’m into on a whim. I do have a somewhat larger project, but it’s a bit difficult to explain the concept to anybody not familiar with its niche. Since I have an ambitious approach to tackle this project, it’s currently on the back burner, though.

P.S. Ana and Integrify Academy are looking forward to helping new talented software developers in Finland. Don't hesitate to apply today and launch your career in technology!