Become a Blockchain Developer with Integrify

We’re on a mission to create the next generation of web3 developers.

Blockchain space is expanding as enterprises and communities build new ways for leveraging web3 technologies across industries. As a result, blockchain developers face unprecedented job opportunities. Integrify has helped 400+ people become software developers, and now we’re building something special for you.

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<primary>Career focused</primary> <br> <primary> program</primary>

Career focused

Curriculum built with job market needs as top priority.

<primary>Flexible structure</primary>

Flexible structure

Pre-recorder lectures on fundamentals combined with interactive sessions. Suitable also for full-time workers.

<primary>Hands-on learning</primary>

Hands-on learning

Dive deep into real-life projects in each module with expert help.

What you'll learn

Fundamentals of blockchain and their business use cases

Build & deploy smart contracts

Use best practices & tools for Web3 experts

Design and build decentralized applications

Key skills needed for blockchain developers: Cryptography, Data Structures, and programming

MasterClasses by experts in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, etc.

in you

No tuition until you start earning

We cover the cost of your education upfront and you only pay us back if you get a high-paying job after the program. Your personal Career Coach will work with you to upgrade your resume, applications, and personal brand to the next level and connect with jobs.

Your success is our success.

About Integrify

Integrify is on a mission to democratize technology education. We provide world-class education for people who are driven to reinvent their careers. No upfront tuition or multi-year degrees. Over 400 people have joined our acclaimed programs in Full Stack development and Machine Learning – now we’re building the next industry-leading program for aspiring Blockchain developers.

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